Bell Schedule



7:10 - Students go to the classroom

7:25 - Instructional Day begins

7:30 - Tardy Bell


2:50 - Carpool Dismissed

3:00 - Walkers Dismissed

Attendance Policy


Caddo Parish School Board has a well-defined policy on absences – excused, unexcused, and tardies.  When a child returns to school following an absence, a note should be sent to the teacher stating the reason for the absence.  A physician’s statement must be sent if a child is under the care of a doctor.  If a student has been ill but has no doctor’s excuse, a parental note will allow make-up work.  All excuses should be submitted no more than five days after the absence.
A student in elementary school must attend a minimum of 167 days per year in order to receive credit for the school year.  Children with excessive tardies or absences will be reported to the attendance supervisor for Caddo Parish Schools.
Students may not check out after 2:15 p.m.  If there is an extenuating circumstance, students should be checked out by 2:00 p.m. from the office.  
The Louisiana State Department of Education states students may be excused from school for these reasons only:

  1. Illness of self with a doctor’s excuse

  2. Death in family

  3. Established religious holidays

  4. School business (Example – Science Fair)

Grading Policy


Grading Systems (Policy IKA; Partial Credit for Missed Work – Suspension/Unexcused Absence)  
Whenever a student is suspended, removed from a classroom due to disorderly conduct, or when the student’s absence is unexcused, the teacher shall assign schoolwork missed and the student shall receive either full or partial credit as recommended by the teacher.

 All Caddo Schools shall use the Regular Courses Grading Scale for students enrolled in regular coursework. 

Kindergarten:  At the kindergarten level, students are not assigned grades.  Reporting to parents is provided with the following:  Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory.





A - 100-93

B - 92-85

C - 84-75

D - 74-67

F - 66-0